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Our Mission

Did you know that in some pet stores nearly half of the treats sold as safe for rabbits are actually harmful to them?

So many products contain ingredients such as corn, seeds, dairy and eggs which can cause a huge range of problems for your bunny. To help bunny owners everywhere choose safe products Happy Bunny Club was launched. We provide the toys and treats for your bunny to live a healthy and stimulated life. So whether you have bunnies that brunch, or snack all day, you can be sure that they are always safe.

We love bunnies here at Happy Bunny Club and its because of this that we are seeking better welfare for rabbits everywhere.

As well as providing a great service, fantastic products and donating to rabbit charities, we are also aiming to promote rabbit welfare ourselves . We are seeking to improve the lives of domestic rabbits through education, communication and support to make people realise that rabbits are intelligent animals that need space, exercise, companionship and stimulation to live a happy life. We aim to do this through our soon to be created welfare blog, and tips promoted through our social media channels.

For  a Good Cause

Each month we select a new charity to support. We do this through raising awareness, donating products, prizes and financial support.

These include organisations such as local rescues and larger national charities. The UK's leading rabbit charity, the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund are aware of us as one of their supporters.

If you would like to recommend an organisation that you believe could use a donation, such as a hamper of toys and treats to make some hoppy bunnies, please drop us an email at hello@happybunnycl ub.com

Fancy a Chat?

You can email us at support@happybunnyclub.com with any questions, suggestions or even just to discuss bunnies. You can also check out our social media pages through the links at the bottom of the page.

Are you ready to help a bunny-in-need?

Join the Happy Bunny Club and get ready to make your bunny very happy, and help support some great causes as well.

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