The Premium Rabbit Subscription Box | Happy Bunny Club

Introducing Happy Bunny Club

Happy Bunny Club is the premium subscription box for rabbits.

When you join the club, each month you will get a box of 6 or 7 toys & treats for your bunny.

You can cancel your membership anytime and a portion of profits from each box go to help bunnies-in-need.

Our boxes are also safe for and enjoyed by lots of Guinea Pigs too.

Whether you’ve known your fluffy friend for years or have a new special bunny in your life, a membership to the Happy Bunny Club is the monthly necessity for keeping your bunny entertained and feeling well loved.

Our Mission

Did you know that in some pet stores nearly half of the treats sold as safe for rabbits are actually harmful to them?

So many products contain ingredients such as corn, seeds, dairy and eggs which can cause a huge range of problems for your bunny. To help bunny owners everywhere choose safe products Happy Bunny Club was launched. We provide the toys and treats for your bunny to live a healthy and stimulated life, all guaranteed safe.

How It Works

1. Join the club

Join the club by signing up to either our monthly, 3 months or 6 months plans.

2. Receive your box

Your box of toys & treats will arrive with you every month.

3. Watch your happy bunny

The best bit; watch your bunny have a great time with their new toys & treats (and feel good you've helped a rescue bunny).

Whats inside each box?

  • Inside each box you will receive 6 or 7 items consisting of toys and treats, hand chosen by us, ensuring they are safe for your bunny.
  • A hand sealed letter from the team detailing our charity of the month, care tips and our latest news.
  • A list of all ingredients in this months box (we know some bunnies don't like certain ingredients).
  • All lovingly packed together with hay, in a cardboard box that uses non toxic paint for our branding (so yes, your bunny can eat this too).

Happy Bunny Club Members Photos

Each month we choose 6 of our favourite photos to be featured below. Simply tag us on either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to enter.

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